(215) 692 - 1600 (Ext 8600) info@dilucia.com

Our staff:

DiLucia Corporate Offices – Lansdale, PA

Anne Macy, Director of Property Management

Al Ambron, Construction/Project Manager

Lisa Caine, Senior Accountant

Elena Groves, Accountant

      Diane Dixon, Bookkeeper

Michele Balch, Community Manager (PA & NJ)


Managed Communities – New Jersey

Norma Meyer, Regional Manager

Patty Colson, Assistant Manager

Cynthia Williams, Community Manager

Cecilia Telling, Community Manager

Erica Moore, Leasing Consultant and Community Manager

Beatrice Cantrell, Leasing Consultant

Michelle Do, Leasing Consultant

Managed Communities – Pennsylvania

Kathy Prokop, Regional Manager

Courtney Miller, Property Manager

Jennifer Heim, Property Manager

Kelly Coleman, Leasing Consultant and Community Manager

Nancy Keltz, Resident Administration

Maintenance (PA)

Andy Wilson (2000)
Nathan Traylor (2001)

Dave Rodenbaugh (2006)

Justin Hill (2009)

Chad Ransom (2015)
Chris Haney (2015)
Bill Burns (2016)


Maintenance (NJ)

Larry Iacovelli (2001)
Dennis Cardonick (2002)
Bob Puglise (2004)
Mark Ritter (2014)
Don Steinmetz (2018)
Edward Dowd (2018)
Rafael Barrios (2019)
Ron Massey (2020)



Resident Services:

Mario Ayala (2004)
Jolene Massey (2014)

Mirna Nieves (2014)
Patricia Lawson (2020)